"Spiegelman is an incredibly versatile musician with a range that spans jazz, rock, R&B, singer-songwriter, and a plethora of international sounds." She Shreds Magazine

"Yonit Spiegelman… Bass Player, Soulful Singer,

Songwriter and Educator CAN do it all!"  Bass Musician Magazine

Bassist, composer, producer, and educator Yonit Spiegelman has received international acclaim for her work both on and off the stage. Her melodic, soulful, punchy pocket-groove bass lines have been heard on recordings and live stages in collaboration with a variety of artists, including Tower of Power, French Horn Rebellion, Tiff Ortiz, Oz Noy, I AM YONI, Glassio, Adam Stoler (Richard Bona), Toucan Sounds, Banot, Eva Gertz, Juana Luna, Evan Waaraama, and Mika Karni.


In addition to sharing world stages as a sought-after sidewoman, Spiegelman’s pairing of bass grooves with a pop sensibility merge well with the folk-inspired vocals heard on her own recordings. She was the leader, performer, songwriter, and producer of Foreign Hues, a jazz/world/R&B ensemble whose 2015 debut EP First Words earned praise from both critics and audiences alike. Her first recording as a solo artist, Fall, released in April 2019, was followed by three singles, including “Promise,” featuring Tiff Ortiz and Pink Flamingo Rhythm Review.


As a composer, Spiegelman’s music has been heard internationally through her work writing and recording pieces for short documentaries, advertisements, and brands including Nike, Facebook, John Deere, Oui, RX Pharmacy, Neutrogena, WWF, and Rivian. She is a composer for Boutique Music House The Teenage Diplomat, and also serves as both a composer and creative director at Fulton Street Music Group, a music and licensing production company based in Brooklyn, NY.                        

A testament to both a loyal fan base and the respect of music industry peers, Spiegelman has been interviewed and featured on several podcasts, radio programs, and other established international media outlets including Bass Musician Magazine, She Shreds Magazine, Forbes, Working Musician Podcast, WTBQ Radio, WERS Radio, CFMU Radio, and Israeli National Radio Galatz. She has also earned endorsements from Sadowsky Guitars, GHS Strings, and Coils Boutique.


Spiegelman is a world-renowned music educator whose YouTube bass tutorial videos have amassed millions of views. She has given masterclasses at Berklee College of Music, Carnegie Music Hall and, having taught thousands of lessons to students worldwide, remains one of the most prominent bass teachers on the web. In addition to individualized bass performance instruction, her workshops focus on special topics including music theory, improvisation, and audition preparation. 


Spiegelman earned a Diploma from Rimon School of Music, Israel's largest independent professional school for the advanced study of jazz, R&B, bebop, rock, and pop music, and enjoyed a successful performance career in the Israeli music industry. She relocated to the U.S. after being awarded a musical excellence scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston, from which she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree (summa cum laude) in 2014. She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.


Yonit's Gear:

Strings: GHS Round Core Boomers

2019  Sadowsky Metro Express 4-string

2006 American Series Fender Jazz Bass

with Coils Boutique J-Low pick-ups

2017 Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 5HH

Fender Mustang Bass (78') with P-Daddy 

Coils Boutique pick-ups

Korg Monologue Analog Synth Bass 

Ampeg SVT-3 PRO


Photo by Dror Pikielny