"Spiegelman is an incredibly versatile musician with a range that spans jazz, rock, R&B, singer-songwriter, and a plethora of international sounds." She Shreds Magazine

"Yonit Spiegelman… Bass Player, Soulful Singer,

Songwriter and Educator CAN do it all!"  Bass Musician Magazine

A gifted bassist, composer, and producer, Yonit Spiegelman has carved out an extraordinary career distinguished by superb recordings, thrilling live appearances, viral bass educational videos, the great respect of her industry peers, the admiration of music critics, endorsement of leading musical instruments (GHS Strings, Sadowsky Guitars) and the fervent loyalty of her fans.


Already a working musician, and successfully making her way up the Israeli music industry, playing with and alongside nationally acclaimed artists such as Mika Karni, Asaf Amdurskey, Shalna Alecha, Kobi Oz, and Lea Shabbat to name a few, Yonit was awarded a musical-excellence scholarship by Berklee College of Music and began her studies and relocated to the USA in Fall of  2012.


After graduating Berklee with a BA in 2014 (Summa Cum Laude), Yonit had settled in Brooklyn, New York where she works as a sought-after session bassist, playing with and for notable musicians and studios such as French Horn Rebellion (YouTooCanWoo), Fulton Street Music Group, Tiff Ortiz, Eva Gertz, Zawadi Noel, Juana Luna, Benny Oyama, Jacinta Clusellas, Shai Portugaly, and Yogev Gabay to name a few.   


As a composer, Yonit specializes in creating music for ads / commercials and short documentaries, and works independently and in collaboration with YouTooCanWoo, and as a house composer for Fulton Street Music Group, whom she is also affiliated with as her publisher for original music. Yonit had written music and participated in projects for leading brands such as Rivian, Neutrogena, Peacock (NBC), Mini Cooper, John Deere, Yoplait and more. 


As for songwriting credentials, Yonit leads, composes for and produces a jazz-world-r&b ensemble under the name “Foreign Hues”, which had released its debut album in 2012 under the name “First Words”. 


“Foreign Hues brings a soulful sound. (review for their single Can’t Stop;) A smooth bassline and the crisp snaps of the percussion keep the song together, which has its fair share of jazzy piano and horn solos. It culminates in a crescendo, a tease of an ending that leaves you wanting more.” Sounds of Boston 


With Foreign Hues Yonit toured and performed in prominent events and venues including: Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival, Boston Greenfest, ShapeshifterNYC, Rockwood Music Hall, and the Bitter End to name a few. 


Yonit had released her debut solo album in April 2019, under the name “Fall”. The album consists of 6 of Yonit’s original songs, accompanied by over 20 musicians from across that globe and featuring a duet with fellow New-York based artist, Benny Oyama. The album had been praised by critics and featured in blogs and magazines across the web. 


As an educator, Yonit Spiegelman is currently one of the most sought after bass teacher online, having taught thousands of lessons to students from all across the world. Yonit released a number of tutorials in collaboration with Lessonface on the platforms’ Youtube channel, that have reached over 4 million views collectively (as for June 2020). Nowadays Yonit is nowadays teaching online, as booking is available through this website.


Yonit is working from her home-studio in Brooklyn New York, writing music for media in collaboration with leading studios such as The Teenage Diplomat and Fulton Street Music Group, composing and releasing music across all platforms and teaching private and group lessons live online.


Yonit's Gear:

Strings: GHS Round Core Boomers

2019  Sadowsky Metro Express 4-string

2006 American Series Fender Jazz Bass

with Coils Boutique J-Low pick-ups

2017 Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 5HH

Fender Mustang Bass (78') with P-Daddy 

Coils Boutique pick-ups

Korg Monologue Analog Synth Bass 

Ampeg SVT-3 PRO


Photo by Dror Pikielny