Yonit Spiegelman


After over 3 Million views on YouTube as the “go-to bass tutorial figure”, New York based bassist, songwriter and educator Yonit Spiegelman releases her debut solo album with a twist that’ll surprise her fans. “Fall/Rise”, co-produced by Latin Grammy nominee Marian Gomez Villota is compiled of two separate mini-albums.


The first part, “Fall” (6-tracks) is to be released April 15, 2019. The eclectic album is based on Spiegelman's Indie-Folk compositions and heavily influenced by indie-pop, 70’s prog rock, American folk and more.

Spiegelman’s unique lead vocals and bass lines take us through the entire album, as we enjoy a duet with fellow new yorker Benny Oyama and the amazing work of over 20 musicians from all around the world.

Yonit's other and previous musical projects include: Foreign Hues (Composer/Bandleader/Bassist), Banot (Composer/Bandleader/Bassist), Lessonface (Teacher/A&R Director), Tiff Ortiz (Band-member), YouTooCanWoo (French Horn Rebellion Band-member) 


For inquiries please write yonitspiegelman.music@gmail.com

Photos by Rosa Amanda Tuíran